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2016-10-14  New Future to our website.


As of today our pricing has been updated and new ordering future has been added. Our Wall designer allows our Customers to see actually how the print will look like on the wall. Size is in proportion. And as well you can take a photo of your own wall and place the image on the wall, including variation of frames, colors, mats.....

We are very proud of this new future...

Happy shopping.

2016 - 08 - 30


Why NOT to start selling on EBay?

Well just imagine that you have sold your item on ebay and you have to post it to buyer.
What ebay do with pay pal, THEY HOLD YOUR MONEY.....
But they wont pay you interest on the money they hold...

To make sure everything looks good with your selling account, your funds are pending in PayPal for up to 21 days, until it has been 90 days since your first successful sale, your seller level is Above Standard or higher, and you have had at least 25 selling transactions worth a combined $250. We do this to help ensure that eBay is a safe and trusted place to buy.

How to get your funds faster:

1. Send quickly after your buyer pays
2. Add tracking details for the package on eBay
3. Respond quickly to the buyer to resolve any issues

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